Recognized player for European mass distribution in HBA Sector since 1992, Procom International had also diversified its import-export activity in the overseas territories and West-Africa with new products’ and brands’ development in alimentary, liquids, general store goods and textile.


Specialist in retailers’ distribution, Procom International offers a complete gamma of paper derivate, diapers, trash bags, rubble bags, and garden bags. To respond to distribution request Procom International supports its industrial partners in achieving international standard in its products quality.

Presents for more than 20 years in its territories Procom International expanded its gamma to other universes by the development of its own brands, and also as trade mark agent.

Overseas territories and Africa are frequently visited by our commercial team in order to ensure an optimal follow.


History and development

Procom society was founded in 1992 by Richard Salinier. Quickly he relied on what he already did in his professional activity, hygiene products.
Then, the society developed partnerships with large retails. It also developed a range of products for a general public in HBA (Hygiene beauty and accessories). The catalogue contains babies’ hygiene products, derivates papers’ products, household wipes, perfumes, and an all range of single use dishes.


Even if HBA products represent the main activity of the society, Procom also started in recent years, and with David Salinier, founder’s son, a diversification. Indeed, Procom is involved with its own brands, in the development of alimentary products and material trading.

With Procom experience he was able to gain large retails’ trust as Norma, Cora and Le Mutant (Coop. of Normandie) for them the society has developed a range of distributor’s products.
However Procom also developed its own brand for a general public which allows the society to be present in almost every retails as Norma, Cora-Match, Le Mutant, Intermarché-Netto, Auchan, Casino and others.

In order to increase its influence Procom started in 1997 the creation of a new society, Texom which has the development of international activities as objective. It is now very well represented in West Africa and in French overseas departments and territories.
However international is not the only exigency request by Procom’s management. Quality took a significant part in its development strategy. This orientation was made in two directions.

First of all Procom follows its industrials’ partners to integration through their production logic and their quality control tools.

Then Procom started to work with internationally known laboratories as ATS Eurofins and Société Générale de surveillance Veritas.
The goal is to ensure that all products proposed to large retails’ partners respect internationals standards.

It was followed, two years ago by the adhesion of the society to the Forest Standard Council (FSC), which guarantees its involvement in the environment. Major paper user Procom supports the forest preservation which provides paper. Indeed this label guarantees the origin of the material and the implication in the forests’ regeneration.
In 20 years, Procom has shown an intense and rich career path. Its development and evolution are the proof of its integration in our society’s changes with a high importance for customers’ demand.