Recognized player for European mass distribution in the hygiene sector since 1992, Procom International has also diversified its import-export activity in the overseas territories and West-Africa with new products and brand development in the food department, liquids, general store goods and textile. Overseas territories and Africa are often visited by our commercial team.

Procom International is a trading company created in 1992 by Richard Salinier. Quickly he relied on what he already did in his professional activity, HPC (Hygiene & Personal Care) products. Then, the society developed partnerships with large retailers.


Specialist in retailer’s distribution, we propose a complete range of products from paper derivates, diapers, trash bags, rubble bags and garden bags. To meet the exigence of our clients, Procom International support its industrial partners in achieving international standard in its products quality.

If HPC products represent an important part of the company activity, the company engaged under the direction of David Salinier, actual CEO, a diversification. Thus, Procom International is now engaged under its own brand in the development of food stuffs (dry and frozen).

To increase the company’s activity overseas, Procom International is also a brand agency for Eminence / Athena (textile industry), Menguy’s (foodstuff) and Gers Equipement (household equipment).

Procom International developed the product range of many commercial brands from the French and European mass distribution. This allowed the company to gain the trust of the biggest name in the industry and developed our own brand : SUIT, PRINET, SUITBAG, NET ÉCLAIR.

Our mission has driven us to place product quality as our main concern to develop our clients’ activities.