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In 20 years, Procom International society has constantly grown and established its know-how, and its expertise as retails’ commercial partner. From its main activity, which is HBA, she built a communication network which developed with the company an uninterrupted growth.

Facing to a world with constant evolution, and a rigour and quality requirement which are becoming more and more important, Procom was able to adapt itself. The society acquired new skills thanks to partnerships with famous and internationally known control laboratory. Because, obviously, our priority is our customers total satisfaction. In acquiring quality control tools, we are responding to exigencies of those who put their confidence in the society. It is a long-term approach which takes into account a modern vision of our role and our mission.

Procom’s evolutions are also based on performances that only a family organization can propose.  Our faculty to adapt and our reactivity provide to our customers answers the earliest possible.  Our credibility and our capacity to convince depend of it. Face to a competition more and more important and to a world in which one interaction never stops; promise of professionalism represents an undeniable and indispensable business card.

Thanks to our international focus, we did increase our performances. In order to get all advantages to grow our audience with our existing or potential customers, we are looking for the best quality wherever it is.

Procom is more than ever a society open to the world. Procom is more than ever the retails’ commercial partner.



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